“Testimonial . . .  
Very, very strange that I was planning on writing a testimonial for Michael (Saryon) when he called the next day after not hearing from him for a year. He is very telepathic, and this is one of the things that corresponds with my delight and awe of his readings.

A year ago, I found myself at an absolute loss in a relationship that I wanted very much and just stubbornly refused to give up on because it refused to take on any reasonable or happy shape. At that time I had an hour-long session over the telephone with Michael. The message I kept remembering over the following year through a very painful breakup was that I cannot take this person with me, and I cannot be at that person’s level. It was so strange to me at the time that two human beings who loved one another so fiercely seemed to be living in entirely different dimensions….. Try as I might my head was continually beat against the wall, trying to preserve this love.

A few days ago, while cleaning the closet (because my relationship fell apart and I have a new roommate) I stumbled across the tape again and listened to it…. There, I found that everything Michael said had not only come to pass, but was entirely true and still held things I know are coming, namely that I would begin to lose interest in being seen, heard, sacred, special….etc.

The reason why I would do such a thing is because I am seen, heard, sacred, special, but my family had never seen me as such, so I attracted the experience that my visibility in those aspects were unseen. He predicted that I would lose the desire, and then I would meet more people who could see and hear me. It is true. I have shed many people and gained truly appreciative ones and the freedom from the relationship and the new and improved quality of life is unfathomable.

During the year between the reading and now I spontaneously forgave my family who I had previously believed had done me harm. I now look back on such assertions as almost silly, just as Michael predicted. He mentioned that my guides are poetic and artistic like me… To which I scrambled a poem, which I also felt was written by my guides. The guides said the same things…. That none of what other people do is about you, and they cannot see you, and the front porch isn’t a bad friend.

The oddest part of the whole experience is Michael’s call the day after, about a new reading. He has done much to stay connected to his guides and I believe he has incredible advice from here and the other world. I highly suggest a reading. Even if it does not make sense to you now, just listen a year from now and see how his mind is in fast-forward for you! I love that dude!”

Jamie in Venice, California