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I am a writer, public speaker, peace worker, energy worker, and channel for Spirit.  I have been sharing channeled messages over the Internet since 2002 and I often blog about prophetic visions and my conversations with Ascended Masters and other high-level spiritual guides.



In 1995, at the age of 18, I began having out-of-body experiences and soon learned a measure of control.  It was as if GOD had given me a tool for exploring the unseen.  This allowed me to quickly begin consciously exploring the answer to a lot of common questions, like: “What happens after we die?”, “Do angels exist?”, “Are there Extraterrestrials visiting Earth, and what are they up to?”

You can’t imagine how many such questions I have thoroughly answered in my out-of-body exploration over the past 19 years.  During that time my life has been graced by a host of visitations from Ascended Masters, Angels, Archangels, enlightened ETs, nature spirits, deceased ancestors, as well as notable figures from the spiritual history of the planet.  It is also not uncommon for me to travel into the future or the ancient past during my out-of-body experiences, and I do enjoy keeping tabs on a lot of social issues from an angel’s eye view.

When I first began writing publicly it was to deliver a series of communications from the Angels of Peace, who inspired a group of people globally to broadcast a single prayer/message to the world:  CHOOSE PEACE NOW!!!

At the time, the angels said that they were coming to protect an emerging grid of global peace consciousness that had begun to strengthen after the 9/11 event.  Broadcasting this message at the time was a way of sending an angelic invitation to link up with this emerging Grid of Peace that has continued to strengthen and evolve ever since.  Now there are pillars and bridges of peace that have been anchored into this grid, and new peace potentials are starting to download wherever conflicts arise.

I was further involved in helping to anchor these energies through a series of conferences for the proposed U.S. Department of Peace.  Since becoming involved with the Department of Peace Campaign in 2004 I have lobbied congress in Washington DC twice, and in 2007 I traveled to Iran as a civilian diplomat with a friendship delegation, organized by the Fellowship of Reconciliation.  Of great interest to me are the fragile peace potentials in the Middle East and elsewhere that are steadily gaining momentum towards an effect of global transformation.  My life is dedicated to nurturing these peace potentials to fruition.

Since 2006 I have offered private sessions by phone.  These involve counseling, intuitive reading, and energetic assistance with: psychological clearing, developing spiritual practice, and clarity about one’s life path. I work with Angels, Ascended Masters, and all manner of high level spiritual guides to assist people to move into their mastery and achieve their dreams. I have been doing this kind of one-on-one work with people for more than ten years and there is nothing I love more than channeling guidance for people who are seeking to better themselves.

Though many people still know me by my birthname, Michael White, the name Saryon carries my vibration as a multidimensional channel. This name was revealed to me in 1998 in a reading by Louix Dor Dempriey, during which Louix predicted that I would one day be graced with visitations from Masters and Angels as I channel for people regularly. I was also told that the Masters and Angels know me by this name and, as my clairaudience developed over the years, I have indeed heard them call me by this name.

I have chosen, as of 2013, to use this name in connection with my channelship because I can feel the overlaying of my higher self descending into my physical body through the vibration of this name.  Saryon is as much a part of me as the Michael vibration.

Currently, I am preparing to release my first novel: Roya Sands and the Living Library.

Please considering joining my launch team for the launch of this book in Nov. 2017.



2 thoughts on “About Saryon

  1. Michelle Hodges-Pascoe

    WOW you are sooooo Blessed Saryon to receive the gifts you have..I want to be like you and have such a hunger for it..that is the only thing that seems to bring me happiness these days. You have a beautiful family also and I thank God for leading me to you xox “Walk With Love” is my motto ~Namaste~

  2. Eileen m

    I have had the pleasure of knowing you as somebody who truly represents peace, peace with acceptance of anothers, and I am truly thankful


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